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Fourth Division

1Strathroy United14112153134035
2African Carib B1493247311630
3Norfolk Royals1483344202427
4Ingersoll Flyers1473446271924
5Suraye SC143654045-515
6Taxandria Nairn1440102057-3712
7TFC Titans1430112251-299
8Port Can FC1421112452-287

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1George OSHANASuraye SC20
2Noah BRUININKStrathroy United14
3Branden TAYLORIngersoll Flyers13
4Hutchison MICHAELIngersoll Flyers11
5Kyle VANWYNSBERGHENorfolk Royals11
6Bimal TAMANGAfrican Carib B10
8Robert MAERZNorfolk Royals10
9Anteneh ARGAWAfrican Carib B9
10Bradley GOULDPort Can FC9

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Nick BARREIRASStrathroy United9
2Joseph HAMELINNorfolk Royals4
3Aaron INTHOUTNorfolk Royals1
4Abraham JOHNSONTFC Titans1
5Eddie ISMAILSuraye SC1
6Jeremy VANWYNSBERGHENorfolk Royals1
7Johnathan MCILMOYLEPort Can FC1

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First Division
Taxandria A3 - 0 English A
Chatham Atta1 - 1 Chatham Expr

Fourth Division
Norfolk0 - 0 Suraye
Port Can1 - 6 Strathroy Ut

Premier Division
Marconi3 - 0 St Thomas A
Sarnia FC0 - 3 Jagiellonia
Wallaceburg 2 - 1 Olympians

Second Division
Taxandria B0 - 1 Croatia B
Taxandria B2 - 1 Tillsonburg


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