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First Division

1Taxandria A14102236132332
2GCFC First147522620626
3Carib Stars146442718922
4St Thomas B144732828019
5English A144641415-118
6Chatham Attack142661932-1312
7Chatham Express142571828-1011
8Exeter Centennials142391731-149

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1Mike BOSTaxandria A13
2Vincent MCKENZIECarib Stars13
3Alex EBYExeter Centennials9
4Nathan TALSMATaxandria A9
5Ben STONEChatham Attack6
6Spencer RAPOSOGCFC First6
7Andrew MAXWELLSt Thomas B5
8Kiano SOUSAChatham Express5
9Nate ST.PIERREChatham Attack5
10Sadique MANMUDCarib Stars5

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Geert KINGMATaxandria A7
2Beau MARCUSSENEnglish A4
3Arquimides HERNANDEZCarib Stars3
4Tristen ALLENChatham Attack3
5Ben OJEERALLYSt Thomas B2
6Andrew BAXTERSt Thomas B1
7Blair ST.LAURENTEnglish A1
8Sebastian DESIMONEChatham Express1
9Toby LADANCarib Stars1
10Trevor NIVENChatham Attack1
11Zach MANNExeter Centennials1

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First Division
Taxandria A3 - 0 English A
Chatham Atta1 - 1 Chatham Expr

Fourth Division
Norfolk0 - 0 Suraye
Port Can1 - 6 Strathroy Ut

Premier Division
Marconi3 - 0 St Thomas A
Sarnia FC0 - 3 Jagiellonia
Wallaceburg 2 - 1 Olympians

Second Division
Taxandria B0 - 1 Croatia B
Taxandria B2 - 1 Tillsonburg


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