2016 Premier Division Cup Champion Marconi

2016 Third Division Cup Champion African Carib FC

2016 First Division Cup Champion Wallaceburg

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2016 Fourth Division Cup Champion London Portuguese

WOSL Game #224 Oakridge vs Taxandria 2nd Division

2016 Second Division Cup Champion Chatham Attack


CUP PLAY - July 20, 21 - 2019 | Friday, July 19, 2019

July 19, 2019 – 7:59PM

Dear Teams,

Please be advised that WOSL is implementing the following temporary allowances to the rules and regulations for match play for the weekend July 20 and July 21, 2019.

  • Mandatory water breaks at the mid point of each half of play.
  • Unlimited Substitutions at ANY stoppage of play. (at referee discretion)
  • If a match is tied at the end of regulation time. Teams may choose to go straight to Penalty Kicks to determine a winner. BOTH coaches must agree. If both coaches do not agree to forego the EXTRA TIME then EXTRA TIME must be played.

Yours in Soccer,

Western Ontario Soccer League

AEK Steelhorse Charity BBQ | Thursday, July 18, 2019


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First Cup
Carib Stars4 - 1 GCFC A

First Division
Chatham ExprPreEnglish A
English APreExeter
Chatham ExprPreGCFC A

Fourth Cup
Strathroy UtPreAfrican Cari

Fourth Division
IngersollPreTax Nairn
Strathroy UtPreIngersoll
SurayePreAfrican Cari

Premier Cup
Croatia A4 - 0 Wallaceburg

Premier Division
Woodstock APreSt Thomas A
Tillsonburg PreWoodstock A
MarconiPrePortuguese A
JagielloniaPreSarnia FC
Portuguese APreMarconi

Second Cup
Croatia BPreOakridge

Second Division
Croatia BPreSt Columban
Tillsonburg PreTaxandria B
Chatham StorPreSt Marys

Third Cup
GCFC B0 - 3 LS Croatia

Third Division
Taxandria CPreGCFC B
LS CroatiaPreAEK B
Taxandria CPreAEK B
Wallaceburg PreScottish


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