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Premier Division

2London Marconi18114346172937
3London Olympians18111657342334
4London Croatia A188732619731
5Wallaceburg Sting FC A188282633-726
6St Thomas A187382131-1024
7Tillsonburg FC A184682130-918
8Woodstock Stallions A1834111951-3213
9Portuguese A1824121439-2510
10Sarnia FC1830151350-379

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1Robert MBOKOJagiellonia15
2TASO BUJOUVESLondon Olympians11
3Jason WRIGHTJagiellonia10
6DONAT HARADINAJLondon Olympians8
7Grant TAKACSWoodstock Stallions A8
8Nolan DEKONINGWallaceburg Sting FC A8
10Alonzo FLORESSt Thomas A6

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Daniel GONZALEZJagiellonia8
2 London Marconi7
3Aaron HUIZENGALondon Croatia A7
4Andrew MEDEIROSPortuguese A6
5Brett HARRINGTONTillsonburg FC A6
6RYAN HARVEYLondon Olympians5
7Scott SHEWFELTJagiellonia5
8Sam YOULTONWallaceburg Sting FC A4
9Alex MAYSt Thomas A3
10 London Marconi2
11 London Marconi1
12Ian DENYSWallaceburg Sting FC A1
13IAN FOXLondon Olympians1
14Josh DEBRUMSarnia FC1
15Josh HATZENBUHLERWoodstock Stallions A1
16Joshua DOUPESarnia FC1
17Manuel Quinones London Croatia A1
18Mark HAYNES London Marconi1
19Richard THOMASWoodstock Stallions A1
20Tomascz Gaik London Croatia A1

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First Division
Taxandria A3 - 0 English A
Chatham Atta1 - 1 Chatham Expr

Fourth Division
Norfolk0 - 0 Suraye
Port Can1 - 6 Strathroy Ut

Premier Division
Marconi3 - 0 St Thomas A
Sarnia FC0 - 3 Jagiellonia
Wallaceburg 2 - 1 Olympians

Second Division
Taxandria B0 - 1 Croatia B
Taxandria B2 - 1 Tillsonburg


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