Game # 333Fourth Division

Saturday, Saturday, May 18, 2019
N. London Stadium @ 18:30

Stephen Treadway


Suraye SC




Port Can FC


Enter the North London fields through the westward extension of Kipps Lane from Adelaide St.

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First Cup
Carib Stars4 - 1 GCFC A

First Division
Chatham ExprPreEnglish A
English APreExeter
Chatham ExprPreGCFC A

Fourth Cup
Strathroy UtPreAfrican Cari

Fourth Division
IngersollPreTax Nairn
Strathroy UtPreIngersoll
SurayePreAfrican Cari

Premier Cup
Croatia A4 - 0 Wallaceburg

Premier Division
Woodstock APreSt Thomas A
Tillsonburg PreWoodstock A
MarconiPrePortuguese A
JagielloniaPreSarnia FC
Portuguese APreMarconi

Second Cup
Croatia BPreOakridge

Second Division
Croatia BPreSt Columban
Tillsonburg PreTaxandria B
Chatham StorPreSt Marys

Third Cup
GCFC B0 - 3 LS Croatia

Third Division
Taxandria CPreGCFC B
LS CroatiaPreAEK B
Taxandria CPreAEK B
Wallaceburg PreScottish


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