• Team coaches and officials shall conduct themselves at all times in a proper manner so

     as to not bring the game into disrepute. High standards of personal conduct and fair

     play shall be maintained at all times.


  • Team coaches and officials shall be responsible to abide by the playing rules as set out

     by all governing bodies.


  • Team coaches and officials will communicate with players, parents/guardians to ensure

     all understand, support and abide by the playing rules and codes of acceptable conduct

     as published by the Club and its governing bodies.


  • Decisions of game officials will be accepted absolutely by players, team coaches and



  • Game officials and League Officials are not to be verbally and/or physically abused in any manner whatsoever by coaches, players, parents, guardians and/or team supporters.


  • Abusive or foul language by coaches, players, parents, guardians or spectators will not

    be tolerated.


  • Violent conduct will not be tolerated.


  • As per League Rules No Spectators are allowed on the same side as players benches


  • Spectator are not allowed to enter the field of play


  • All Team Coaches on the Bench must have a valid coaching card and be on the Game Sheet.


  • All other Team Officials on the bench must be registered with an OS Number and be on the Game Sheet.


  • Only players participating in the game, on the game sheet and dressed in their team uniform shall sit on the bench.


  • All Team Officials are responsible for ensuring that the above rules are understood

          and abide by all team members.


  • All Clubs are responsible to ensure their Team Officials abide by this code of conduct


  • Team coaches and officials are expected to inform the Club of breaches of this Code of

               Conduct and Sportsmanship.

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