2019 Champions and Award Winners

League Cup Champion

Premier Division
League Champion - Jagiellonia
Cup Champion - Olympians
Top Scorer - Robert MBOKO (Jagiellonia)

First Division
League Champion - Taxandria
Cup Champion - English
Top Scorer - Mike BOS (Taxandria A), Vincent MCKENZIE (Carib Stars)

Second Division
League Champion - London Croatia
Cup Champion - English
Top Scorer - Brad VAN BAKEL (St Columban Celtics)

Third Division
League Champion - LS Croatia
Cup Champion - LS Croatia
Top Scorer - Marco DEMELO (AEK Steel Horse)

Fourth Division
League Champion - Strathroy United
Cup Champion - Strathroy Utd
Top Scorer - George OSHANA (Suraye SC)


Sportsman of the Year
Andrew Baron (Germans)

President's Award

Top Goalkeeper - Premier
Daniel Gonzalez and Scott Shewfelt (Jagiellonia)

Top Goalkeeper - Lower Divisions
Geert Kingma (Taxandria)

WOSL Hall of Fame
Sharon Docherty
Ruban Chelladurai

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