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2016 Fourth Division Cup Champion London Portuguese

WOSL Game #224 Oakridge vs Taxandria 2nd Division

2016 Third Division Cup Champion African Carib FC

2016 Premier Division Cup Champion Marconi

2016 Second Division Cup Champion Chatham Attack

2016 First Division Cup Champion Wallaceburg


IMPORTANT INFORMATION | Friday, June 26, 2020
An important reminder to all clubs that if you plan to return to train or play in 2020 you must be approved by Canada soccer and Ontario Soccer via the assessment tool.


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First Division
English APreSt Thomas B
Croatia BPreExeter
AttackPreTaxandria B
Africa CaribPreExpress

Fourth Division
AthleticsPreSting B
St Columban PreStrathroy Po

Premier Division
Sarnia FCPreSt Thomas A
Taxandria APreOlympians

Second Division
St MarysPreSt Columban
StormPreLS Croatia A

Third Division
Strathroy UtPreRoyals
ScottishPreTaxandria C


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