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FROM the EMSA District BELOW. 


Good afternoon,
As you are aware, this year's AGM is being held on September 25, 2022 at 1:00 p.m.  While this meeting is a hybrid model of in-person and virtual attendance, it is intended to primarily be an in-person meeting.  We hope that most (or all) of our members can attend in-person. Virtual participation is offered only to those members who absolutely cannot attend in-person and who register by the deadline of September 15th.  If you require accommodation to attend virtually, please provide the name and email of the attendee on behalf of your Club (must be Club/League executive) no later than September 15th.  If you have not made arrangements to attend virtually by September 15th, your attendance on September 25th will be expected.   A reminder that failure to attend the AGM will result in a fine of $100.  


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