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Notice from the EMSA District

Elgin Middlesex Soccer Association

9:52 AM (1 hour ago)

July 14, 2021

EMSA Message:

Welcome back to soccer.  It has been a long 18 months of anticipation.  As we return to playing, watching and officiating the game we love, we need to pause and reflect on several key messages.

Firstly and most importantly the Covid-19 pandemic is not over. As we progress through the reopening steps that the Province of Ontario has put in place, we must remember to follow the recommendations of our governing body, Ontario Soccer.  These recommendations are found in the return to play guide which is found on the Ontario Soccer website.

Secondly, we must remember that our top priority is the safety of all the participants in the game. That includes the players, coaches, match officials, parents and spectators.  The recommendations found in the Ontario Soccer return to play guide are designed to maximize the safety of all of our participants.

Thirdly, soccer is meant to be a fun sport.  By following the recommendations in the return to play guide from Ontario Soccer, we provide the opportunity for the game we love to be played with as much enjoyment as possible by all the participants.

EMSA has prepared a one-page summary (attached) of the key expectations of the Ontario Soccer return to play guide.  This one-page summary is not intended to replace the Ontario Soccer return to play guide but rather to provide a quick reference to some of the key recommendations found in the return to play guide.

Leagues are asked to circulate this one-page summary to all their clubs and teams.  Coaches are encouraged to print or have an electronic copy of this one-page summary and have it with them for their games where they can reference the content with their players and with the younger groups the parents.  Youth clubs should make the one-page summary available to the parents of their players.

Again, welcome back to soccer.  2021 will be a transitional year. We are excited to be back on the field and we must continue or efforts to make certain that Covid-19 does not disrupt the game we love.

COVID Precautions for Summer 2021 EMSA Games



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