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Kick Off Today - Important (July 9 - 2021



Tonight, our season begins.  The first league WOSL games in over twenty months (20) will commence tonight.

Please take it easy out there. 

Congratulations and let’s have and keep it safe. 

Hand Sanitizer / Table

HOME TEAMS: Pls be sure to have a small table / TV snack table with a full bottle of hand sanitizer. All players must sanitize as they enter and leave the field. Picture Attached.


Please explain to and share this email with your players that it is a PRIVILEGE at this point to be back playing with ZERO restrictions and we must exercise caution at all times while sitting on the bench, standing around and playing in the games etc.

If you are not on the games sheet you are NOT on the benches. This is a VERY IMPORTANT rule this season. 

Please PLEASE Please follow this simple rule. We are currently still in a PANDEMIC and we don't want to be the first league to be shut down due to an outbreak.

5th Division Masters

5th Division Rules.  We will adjust them as we go.  Substitutions at any time for 5th division ONLY for the exception of the opposing team’s penalty kick.

Players Cards

The District has informed us that there will be NO players cards issued this season.  If you require them for the Ontario Cup or plan to travel outside the district for tournaments etc you must request them.

Game Sheets

Games sheet.  Please print off three game sheets on regular paper.  If you wish to have NCR paper, please let us know and arrangements can be made for you to pick some up at the EMSA office.


There is no relegation or promotion this season.  The standings will revert to 2019 final standing when we begin 2022.



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