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Hello Team/Clubs
Great News....The schedule has been uploaded to the WOSL website.
All additional changes will be managed through the portal.  Huge kudos to Cam that managed over 104 manual changes in the last four days. 
Games begin one week today.
Please review the important notes below and also below from last week's email.
Art Piertman will begin assigning Referees today. A reminder: ALL initial games may only have ONE referee and no assistants.  We traditionally have 450 referees registered at this time every year.  There are only 90 registered at this time.  Many are too young or inexperienced to referee in our league. Please also see the attachment.  The attachment is a document presented to the referees  in the district last week. Referee Fees. Please place all cash or cheques in an envelope for payment. 
For the ADDED 2021 Temporary 5th Division Masters. An Amendment to substitutions will be in place for this season. All substitutions may take place at any stoppage and at any time for the exception of an opposing team's Penalty Kick. 
Added Note:
If any teams need to activate 2021 on the website.  Go to "MYTEAM" and reactivate your team by using "GOWOSL" as the activation code.
HOME TEAMS: Pls be sure to have a small table / TV snack table with a full bottle of hand sanitizer. All players must sanitize as they enter and leave the field. 
Please explain to and share this email with your players that it is a PRIVILEGE at this point to be back playing with ZERO restrictions and we must exercise caution at all times while sitting on the bench, standing around and playing in the games etc. 
If you are not on the games sheet you are NOT on the benches. This is a VERY IMPORTANT rule this season.  
Please PLEASE Please follow this simple rule. We are currently still in a PANDEMIC and we don't want to be the first league to be shut down due to an outbreak. 
We would again like to thank the following members who volunteered to be our FOCUS Group for the league and guided WOSL throughout the past 16 months. When you see them around, show them some love. 

David Day – St. Thomas

Sharon Docherty – Woodstock

Adam Lakey – Sarnia FC

Moe Hussain – GCFC

Jason Xavier – Taxandria

Ashleigh De Cruz - English

That's it for now...
Cheer and Let the games begin,

On Tue, Jun 29, 2021 at 11:45 AM Abbi Lezizidis <> wrote:

Hello WOSL Clubs/Teams,


The draft schedule has arrived.


Please review ASAP.


Important Notes:

·         We need all game changes by Friday July 2 (at least for the first 30 days of the schedule.)

·         Fourth Division has some games in the first 2 weeks of October. Please try to move these to an earlier date.

·         No added games restrictions will be required other than:

o   Home Team must provide at the halfway point between both benches a simple table with Hand sanitizer. Each player must sanitize when entering / leaving the field of play.(While in stage 2)

o   We recommend players when sitting on the bench sit at least six feet apart. (Whilte in Stage 2)

o   Benches are for players & team officials listed on the game sheet.  (as per the league rules & regulations.

We would also like to welcome the eight teams from MMSL that have joined us for 11v11 play this season. In 5th Div.


A quick reminder that this season we may only have ONE match official per game regardless of division due to the lowest registrations in years. 


Please note that teams that provided cheques at the beginning of the registration period will need to provide new cheques because the ones provided were held and not deposited in the event soccer was not going to return to play.  They are now stale dated. We will reach out soon. 


Exciting Times,




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