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MMSL - WOSL Joint Press Release for 2021


June 12, 2021 



Attention Members of both MMSL and WOSL. 

The Western Ontario Soccer League (WOSL) is willing to offer a TEMPORARY place to play this season in 
a newly created 5th Division 5 th Division will be made up of MMSL aged teams. All players must be 35 plus. 

Here are the details. Please reach out to Cam or Abbi with any questions: 

Cam Vassallo:
Abbi Lezizidis:

WOSL Details: 

• All clubs, teams would abide by the WOSL Constitution, Rules and Regulations to compete. 

• We would have only one division for Masters players. The 5th division would be or could be a 
combination of teams from your Premier, First, Second, Third and so on. We would create a schedule for 
all of these teams to compete accordingly. 

• The fee for new teams that have club registration with WOSL currently is $465.00 per team. 
• If a club did not have a team registered in WOSL in 2019 or 2020 there is an additional fee of $600 per 
club for bonding. 

• Registration Fee is Fully Refundable if the season does not kick off minus any admin costs related to 
websites etc. 

• 11v11 games. 

• Start Date: Ultimately this depends on PHU’s and The Province but aiming for a first or second week of 
July 2021. 

• WOSL will be scheduling games until the end of September. However, WOSL will be happy to 
accommodate moving any September games into and or before August 31 provided the league 
is informed in writing 14 days prior to the new date of the match of change as per our rules and 
regulations. The two teams the game change affects must agree on the new date/time.

• There will be no promotion or relegation. There will be a championship final round.
Deadline to Register is MONDAY JUNE 21, 2021 by NOON.

Register Here: Details:

• MMSL will be starting an extended indoor season on Sept 3rd
, 2021 (details have been 
forwarded to the membership)

• As this is our first official full season, there will be no COVID related withdraws. (Spots will not 
be held.

• Please note that depending on any restriction outlined by the Government, OS or EMSA, there is 
possibility that teams may only be allowed to play in one League at a time. If this happens any 
teams playing with WOSL will be ineligible to register and play MMSL indoor this winter.

Please reach out to Juergen or Eddie with any questions:
Juergen Belle:
Eddie Divers:

Deadline to Register for MMSL INDOOR is SUNDAY AUGUEST 1st, 2021 by NOON.
Register Here: Middlesex Masters Soccer League - News.



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