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2021 Update - Please Check your emails

March 26, 2021


Hello WOSL Members,


Let me start with welcome to WOSL 2021.  My apologies in advance if you received this email more than once.  I simply DID not want to miss anyone. 


After reviewing many proposals within the focus group we are ready to show you the plan moving forward with WOSL.  The focus group was unanimous in endorsing the following roll out. 


We want to thank the members of the focus group that steered our return to play schedule concept with passion and respectful dialogue. 


Please see the attached league play model. 


Focus Group Members:

David Day – St. Thomas

Sharon Docherty – Woodstock

Adam Lakey – Sarnia FC

 Moe Hussain –German Cdn (GCFC)

  Jason Xavier – Taxandria

Ashleigh De Cruz – English


Special thanks to Art Pieterman and Dan Wybo.




We will also be updating the Rules & Regulations to address COVID related roles & responsibilities. 


There will be a comprehensive checklist for each “HOME Team.”


Here are some of the considerations in advance to plan out.


WOSL R2P Guidelines:


Amendment to Rules & regulations to add a COVID Requirement and Waiver

•             Zero Tolerance for not following rules

•             First warning fine $500.00

•             Second Warning: No more League Play.  Loss of deposit and no refund on league fee.


Home Team Responsibilities:

·         Hand Sanitizer for the field at centre on a small table 3 metres away from the field of play.

·         Sign must be installed between benches COVID Questions:

·         Safety Officer of record.  One member from each club.

·         There will be a zoom session for safety officer training.


Players on bench must wear a mask


NO change rooms access other pit stop breaks etc.  No more than five people in a change room at any given time.


No group standing for instruction.  Spread apart.


All players must arrive at the field “soccer ready” with shin guards, cleats, soccer shirt, and equipment bag. No jewelry, watches, fitness trackers, or food allowed on the field.


No handshakes, embracing or any other impacting physical contact with other players or your coach.


Entering the soccer facility:  Arrive at soccer venue 15-30 minutes prior to start time soccer ready.


Sanitize hands in the car, put on a face mask to enter the soccer venue to the visitor or Home designated area.


No social gathering before entering the field. A face mask is required.

Thank you

Abbi & Cam



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