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WOSL - Update 2020.03.23

Hello WOSL Members.

Please see post today from Ontario Soccer.

We are monitoring all these bulletins from the Governing Bodies.

We will make appropriate changes to schedules etc. and communicate them upon any updates that will effect the season.

Hope all of you are safe and staying healthy.


Bulletin #:I2020-031

Date:Mar. 23, 2020

To:Club Membership

CC:Ontario Soccer Board of Directors, Staff

From:Johnny Misley, Chief Executive Officer

Subject:Updates of COVID-19 Impacted Activities and FAQ #2

Ontario Soccer, in consultation with Canada Soccer, continues to monitor the most recent developments with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the emerging public health crisis.

Ontario Soccer has received additional questions from the membership since the first COVID-19 FAQ was released on March 16, 2020. Ontario Soccer have prepared the following additional frequently asked questions (FAQ) based on inquires received.

Is the outdoor soccer season at risk of being cancelled and how is that being assessed and decided?

At the present time the 2020 Outdoor Soccer season at all levels in Ontario has not been cancelled. Ontario Soccer, working in collaboration with Canada Soccer and its Member Associations across Canada are communicating on a regular basis as we assess the situation. Within Ontario Soccer, a crisis management team meets daily monitoring and assessing directives from public health authorities, our provincial government and our provincial sport ministry office. From these daily briefings, Ontario Soccer is updating membership on directives through our various communication channels. Please go to for our updates as well as visiting our COVID-19 Impacted Events pages for the Coaching, Match Official, High Performance and Competition and Events programs

Recent communications from Ontario Soccer are indicating that some programming is moving to online delivery. Is this considered a sanctioned activity by participants?

In an effort to continue to keep the planning and support for our game moving forward, Ontario Soccer is shifting some of its soccer activities to an online environment. As these initiatives are considered compliant with current provincial authority directives including self-isolation and physical-distancing, these activities are considered sanctioned. For further information, please see the latest update.

During this state of self-isolation and physical-distancing we are in, how can we still be engaged in the game we all love?

Demonstrated through various social media channels, Ontario Soccer membership participants are finding creative ways to stay active with the beautiful game while practicing self-isolation and physical-distancing. We applaud many Soccer Clubs and Academies that are leading such creative skill challenges and coach to team on-line tutorials. In the coming weeks, Ontario Soccer is developing some additional fun initiatives to contribute to the activities currently active online.

Suspension and/or cancellation of sanctioned soccer events and activities is having an economic impact at all levels. What resources are available and how do we best manage?

The impact of soccer under suspension is felt at every level throughout Ontario and across Canada. We are no different from any business feeling the effects of such a shutdown. Each soccer organization under our governance structure operate as independent entities, supported by their membership and led by their elected Boards of Directors. As the COVID-19 pandemic has dictated the status of operations we are all in, there is no answer to how long we will continue to be under such circumstances. Ontario Soccer are presently operating on a month-to-month basis as we review the ongoing health crisis, until such definitive information and directives tell us otherwise. These are challenging times for all of us and we fully understand difficult decisions will have to be made. Through our research and communications with governments, Ontario Soccer will provide any updates as it pertains to subsidy programs that may be made available.

How should soccer organizations best manage their staffing and the potential for layoff due to loss of work during the COVID-19 crisis?

Employees, whether they are fulltime, part-time or independent contractors are entitled to apply for government programs that provide support. Your soccer organization should have a crisis plan and policies in place that inform staff on how the organization will handle this type of situation. An example of a policy would be employees working from home and how that will be managed.

As employers it is essential that you understand and are up to date on Employment Standards Legislation, as well as the initiatives offered by the Federal government with regards to EI and support during the COVID-19 crisis. This will assist you in supporting your staff. The links below offer substantial information for your use.

I have seen that OPDL and OASL are postponing the start of their season. What is happening with the recreational, competitive, regional and district leagues?

Ontario Soccer runs the operations of the OPDL and OASL and as such have communicated recently a delay in the start of their seasons so participating organizations may make operational adjustments. Since the status of the entire Outdoor season is still unknown this is all that can be confirmed at this time. Youth local or District recreational and/or competitive leagues are under the direct governance and operations of our member Districts and Leagues. The Regional and Senior Provincial leagues are under the direct governance of Ontario Soccer. If necessary, please contact your District or League for further information.

My team was competing in the Provincial Indoor Soccer League before play was suspended. What will happen to our season?

At the present time, all Ontario Soccer sanctioned competition is suspended indefinitely which includes the Provincial Indoor Soccer League. Staff are working on a number of scenarios for the league to complete the season if/when the indoor season resumes. Teams will continue to be updated on a regular basis and as more information becomes available. If you have any questions please contact staff at

If you have any questions, please contact Patty Forbes, Director of Administration.


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