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2020 Confirmed Divisions

Registration is now closed for Premier, First, Second and Third Division. As per our Constitution all registrations for team membership for the upcoming season for existing teams were due at the AGM – December 15th.  “ We also allowed seven additional days after the AGM as a grace period.“  

WOSL Constitution

“6.2    Members wishing to renew their membership shall register on forms provided by the league that must be accompanied by all the required fees and shall be received no later than the Annual General Meeting of each year.”


We are still accepting Registrations for “New” Teams for Fourth Division into January.


2020 Confirmed Divisions



London Olympians

London Croatia A

St Thomas A

Tillsonburg FC A

Woodstock Stallions A

Sarnia FC

Taxandria A (Promoted)

GCFC First (Promoted)

Carib Stars (Promoted)


St Thomas B

English A

Chatham Attack

Chatham Express

Exeter Centennials

London Croatia B (Promoted)

African Carib Utd (Promoted)

Taxandria B (Promoted)


English B

Oakridge 2nd

St Columban Celtics

Tillsonburg FC B

St Marys Juggernauts

Chatham Storm

LS Croatia (Promoted)

Woodstock Stallions B (Promoted)


Wallaceburg Sting FC A

London Hellenic

London Scottish

GCFC Third

Taxandria C

Strathroy United (Promoted)

Norfolk Royals (Promoted)

Ingersoll Flyers (Promoted)


TFC Titans

Port Can FC

Wallaceburg Sting FC B

GCFC Fourth (New)

Gorkhali FC (New)

LS Croatia B (New)

Norfolk Athletics (New)

St Columban B (New)

Oakridge 4th (New)




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