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Divisional Cups

A Reminder to all Teams,

with our Divisional Cup games beginning this week, a few reminders,

Both teams are responsible for each paying half the Game Officials Fees.

Games shall consist of two (2) equal halves of forty-five (45) minutes each. If the game is tied at the end of regulation time, the teams shall play an additional thirty (30) minutes of overtime, equally divided into two (2) fifteen (15) minute periods. The first team to score during the overtime period shall be declared the winner (Golden Goal). If the game is tied at the end of overtime the game shall be decided by taking kicks from the penalty mark. The kicks shall be taken in accordance with the Laws of the Game as prescribed by FIFA (Current Edition).

A player is not permitted to play for more than one (1) Divisional Cup and not more than one team in any other cup competition. For games designated as Cup or Play-off competitions, teams shall not include players with temporary registration permits or trial permits for players registered to other clubs.

Please check the schedule to ensure the location, date and kick-off of your games.

Best of Luck to all teams



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