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League Cup Approaching


London, Ontario – As teams across all walks of the Western Ontario Soccer League settle into their 2017 skin, the league’s all-encompassing League Cup is set to get underway on Tuesday, May 23.

Round 1 offers a bundle of matches scheduled between Tuesday, May 23 and Wednesday, May 24.

Below is a closer look at each premier division outfit competing in the 2017 edition of the WOSL League Cup.

Tuesday, May 23

  1. Chatham Attack (First Division) vs AEK Olympians – 6:30 pm – St. Clair College Thames Campus
  2. Croatia A vs Wallaceburg A – 6:30 pm – Croatia Field 1
  3. Taxandria A (First Division) vs Marconi A – 6:30 pm – Taxandria Soccer Complex 2
  4. America Pumas vs Tillsonburg B (Third Division) – 8:30 pm – Marconi Club

Wednesday, May 24

  1. Marconi B (First Division) vs St. Thomas A – 8:30 pm – Marconi Club

Note: Jagiellonia* will take on Ingersoll Flyers (Fourth Division) on Wednesday, June 7 at the Polish Canadian Rec. Centre 1 in the second round of the competition. Tillsonburg A are awaiting an opponent from the first round of matches. English FC A and Chatham Express have opted not to participate in this year's competition. 

* 2016 League Cup Champions

Last Three Years of Champions

2016: Jagiellonia

2015: Marconi A

2014: Marconi A


Best of luck to all participating teams!

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